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All CS 1st Year, 2nd Year, 3rd Year & 4th Year Students

by Admin User -

Dear Students,

Students are the main stakeholders of any degree program.  As the main key to maintain the quality of any degree program, students’ feedback (genuine feedback, including positive and negative feedback) is highly important.

As in the previous years, we couldn’t collect hard copies of your feedback due to pandemic situation of the country. At end of the first semester, we had posted the google document links to collect the feedbacks, but we could have obtained the inferior number of feedbacks.

Further, the program review of the UCSC will be held at the beginning of the year 2021. The outcome of the program review determines the quality of the degree program and hence students will obtain the benefits.

Considering the above as your mandatory responsibility and the UCSC requirement, complete and submit the feedback for all the first semester subjects using appropriate link given in the following attached files. (Separate subject’s lists are attached for all years) \

Kindly submit all the completed feedback forms on or before 07/11/2020

Coordinator CS Degree Programme

Submission of Application of Student Welfare and Distress Fund and Scholarship Funded By External Organizations (IFS) - 2020

by Admin User -

Students who wish to apply for the above scholarships are kindly requested to download the application from the Undergraduate VLE. The duly completed application forms should be e-Mail to on or before 28th October 2020.   

Due to the current situation in the country and schools are closed, you can submit a copy of the birth certificate of siblings instead of a studentship verification letters who have siblings.

The selections will be made by an Interview panel by considering the academic performance, financial needs of the candidates, and relevant other criteria. 

Assistant Registrar / Academic and Publications


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