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    Reminder: Final GPA Calculation - AY 2019/ 2020

    by Admin User -
    Reminder: Final GPA Calculation - AY 2019/ 2020 
    [3 Year General Degree]

    This refers to the notice published on 02.02.2024 informing students of the 3 year general [AY 2019/2020] degree programmes to select the optional courses to consider for the final GPA calculation.

    Students who have sat for more than 18 credits in the third academic year and have not submitted the form are given an extension to submit the Google Form below until 26.02.2024 [12 noon].

    [You can access the Google Form using only the UCSC email address given.]

    If a student failed to submit the Google Form by the extended deadline, the UCSC will select the optional courses from his/ her enrolled 3rd year courses and calculate the final GPA. Such selection will not be reversed under any circumstances.

    Senior Assistant Registrar 
    Examinations and Registration Division

    Feedback collection Form for QAC

    by VLE Administrator -

    Dear Students,

    The Quality Assurance Cell (QAC) is currently collecting course feedback for semester two. Feedback forms are now accessible on the individual course pages. Your feedback is crucial in helping us improve our educational services and create a better learning environment for everyone. We value your opinions and insights, and we invite you to participate in these anonymous questionnaires to share your thoughts on various aspects of your educational experiences respective to individual courses.


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