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    4th year subject selections - Batch 2017/2018

    by Admin User -

    Based on the requests of current 4th year students, a decision has been taken to grant them another opportunity to select more optional courses
    (which they have NOT selected during the subject selection in June 2022) in their 2nd semester subject to the following conditions;
    1. Students can only select more courses, but they CAN NOT drop any selected courses now.
    2. Students are allowed to select courses only up to 5 credits than their required credit limits.

    Therefore, the students who wish to select more courses in their 2nd semester are requested to fill the relevant selection form below and submit it on or before 9th December 2022 (Before 6.00 pm).


    The relevant form links are as follows:




     Inquiries regarding the 4th year subject selection forms should be made through

     Senior Assistant Registrar / Examinations & Registration


    ICTER conference

    by Admin User -

    ICTer conference takes place at UCSC on November 30 and December 1. There are pre and post conference workshops during the week starting November 28. All fourth year students get free registration for the conference and the workshops and they are required to participate in the conference on-site at UCSC.

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