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    Application for the Bachelor of Science Honours (4 Year) Degree Programmes in Computer Science, Software Engineering and Information Systems [UCSC Academic Year 20]

    by Admin User -

    Students who are currently in the 2nd year of study in the Academic Year 19 and wish to consider for the Honours (4 year) degree programmes are requested to submit the relevant form below on or before 30th May, 2023 (Before 3.00 pm).

    CS - 

    IS - 


    • Only the students who have the cumulative GPA of not less than 2.75 in the first and the second academic years are considered for the selection of the 04 year Honors Degree Programmes. 

    • You are required to apply before the deadline [on or before 30th May, 2023 (Before 3.00 pm)] and no application received after the deadline will be considered under any circumstances. 

    • The selection of students for the programme will be made based on the number of places available in each degree programme from among the shortlisted candidates with the required GPA.  

    • The decision of the Academic Syndicate of UCSC will be final with regards to the final selected student list for each degree programme.

    Senior Assistant Registrar

    Examinations & Registration


    Re-scrutinization of marking – Undergraduate Examinations - S2 - AY19 [2023]

    by Admin User -

    Results of the below-mentioned courses have been published in the results section of the UGVLE.


    • SCS 2210, SCS 2211, SCS 2212,SCS 2213, SCS 2202

    • SCS 4215, SCS 4222, SCS 4226

    • SCS 1211 [Repeat only], SCS 1212 [Repeat only]


    • IS 2109, IS 2112, IS 2102, IS 2114

    • IS 4104, IS 4111

    • IS 1109 [Repeat only], IS 1111 [Repeat only], IS 1112 [Repeat only], IS 1115 [Repeat only],

    Students who wish to reconsider their marks and grades of the course can use the link below and apply for re-scrutinization.


    Form Link:



    Deadline to submit an application for re-scrutinization (For the above mentioned courses only) is 31.05.2023 (Before 8:00 a.m.).


    1. Students are advised to read the policy guidelines of the re-scrutinization of marks and grades (included in the form) before applying for re-scrutinization.

    2. Requests for re-scrutinization of the marks & grades of above mentioned courses WILL NOT be entertained after t

    Examinations and Registration Division
    University of Colombo School of Computing 
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